Top 10 Contract Management Software For Construction

Contracts accompany essential insights about how your construction business is going to act, whether it be with customers, representatives, employees, subcontractors, or suppliers. The construction world doesn’t move without viable contract administration, which is the reason business construction organizations—which frequently have several agreements running at one time—ought to put resources into contract management software.

Here we have arranged the best contract management software list which will be beneficial for construction professionals.

1. EasyBuild
EasyBuild, construction ERP solution which can oversee construction projects from end-to-end at ease. It is also a document scanning software, high-quality debtor reporting, and the software acts as a complete end-to-end solution. This construction software also allows subcontractor document management.
Price: Starts at £1,750 (about $2,500) per license.

2. Eque2 EVision
EVision EVision is a construction accounting software. The product is based off of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s ERP system for small and mid-sized businesses, so it adapts with all of your Microsoft products. The whole system covers everything from project management to cost control. Users can easily run reports and find out which contracts affect the operational and financial health of their construction company.
Price: Starts at £50,000 (about $72,000).

3. Explorer Eclipse
Explorer Software is also a full ERP solution that just doubled down on DocPro, the document management feature of this construction management software solution. Explorer Software doesn’t count on plugins to function well. It has awesome customer service and in-depth reporting features.
Price: Starts at $19,000 and scales with the number of users and units.

4. GenieBelt
GenieBelt, provides a full audit trail and differing permissions levels, so everyone involved in the project stay informed. It is free, user-friendly and well priced as well. 
Price: Starts at £20 (about $30) a month and scales with project size.

5. Goldenseal by Turtle Creek Software
Goldenseal plays a vital role for those construction business person whose construction business is on the smaller end. It is compatible with MAC and Windows but a little slow at startup. This construction management softeware is totally safe and integrated with accounting and estimating features.
Price: Fixed at $295 to $695 for a single user and $995 to $2,195 multi-user.

This complete software offers flexible contract features, such as version control and document search. It is mostly popoular within Asia and the Middle East and also started to make its mark in Europe and the Americas.
Price: Variable based on project.

7. Jonas Premier
This software has unlimited storage space for keeping your valuable contracts and it is super easy to use. It also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, and here users are allowed to create their own custom forms and can implement directly into the program. It also has a great mobile app and syncs with Microsoft Project, Quickbooks, and many more!
Price: $6,500 one time training fee, $150 per user per month, and $25 per APP user per month.

8. Knowify
Knowify is a fully-functional software that seems to have thought of everything to become one of the best contract management software for construction. It is very essential for commercial subcontractors. It has also some good traits like mobile timesheets, free training, etc.
Price: Starts at $68 a month and scales up with the number of users.

9. Pro DBX
Pro DBX is a great contract management software option for all-sized business. The software offers digidocs—a system that keeps all contracts and forms immediately available and searchable online. Pro DBX also allows users to track their materials with GPS, take inventory and cover purchase orders, manage payroll and timecards, and offers task management capabilities.
Price: Starts at $15 per user per month (with a minimum of $150 per month purchase) and scales up based on your company’s needs.

10. RENOMii
RENOMii is largely used by the homebuilders; though subcontractors can easily use this software to manage commercial contracts. It also offers unlimited free cloud storage and outstanding user permission customizations. 
Price: $399CAD per year (or about $280USD) or $43CAD per month (or about $30USD).

Top 10 Contract Management Software for Construction

Synopsis of Cloud Based SkyCiv 3D Structural Analysis and Engineering Software

An user-friendly and faster ever structural 3D analysis software (SkyCiv) has been released that allows user to analyze shear, bending, deflection, stress and much more at ease. With the help of this software you can construct your desired model and analyze your structure.

SkyCiv Engineering Software is based on cloud (online data storage). As it is cloud-based so that users can easily access their programs and files from a web browser, work and modify from anywhere, anytime. There is no necessary to install or update the program and also no further costs are required to maintain or update this software. This is totally a cost effective solution. 1,335,324 projects has been solved by this awesome software and still counting.

Features of SkyCiv software:

  • Unlimited Members and Loads
  • Unlimited Supports and Support Types
  • Unlimited Member Sections
  • Member Connections
  • 2D Structures
  • 3D Structures
  • 3D Rendering
  • Rotate/Twist Members
  • Free Body Diagram + Reactions
  • Shear Force Diagram
  • Bending Moment Diagram
  • Deflection
  • Stress Analysis
  • Internal Axial Forces
  • Torsion Diagram
  • Buckling Analysis
  • P-Delta Analysis
  • Analysis Reports

The software gives user a faster calculating experience than ever with its built-in calculator. It is also useful to estimate forces acting on bolts in a woodworking project in a quicker way.

Here is the software preview

Modeling a Multi Storey Frame Structure with SkyCiv Engineering Software

Want to buy this software? Visit the following link then.

Synopsis of Cloud Based SkyCiv 3D Structural Analysis and Engineering Software

CSiBridge Brings New Horizon To Bridge Modeling & Analysis Method

Bridge design and analysis is one of the major and important sections in the construction industry. Years back, engineers directly implemented their concepts to develop bridge structures without any prior imaginary plan. With the modernization of technology not only to smoothen the task of bridge engineering but the entire construction and engineering industry also there are plenty of software has been released and upgraded from time to time. CSiBridge is one of them.

Features of CSiBridge:

  • CSiBridge is an essential construction software program in which functionalities like analysis, modeling, scheduling, load rating, reporting and design of bridge structures are integrated with a single user interface.
  • CSiBridge offers a set of pre-installed templates by which users can instantly shape their ideas for creating a new bridge model and can modify the template in accordance with their needs whenever they want.
  • CSiBridge has an interactive database editing feature which permits users to modify model data in a tabular view. This process smoothens the model modification task and later on these tables can be imported and exported from Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access easily.
  • Paramatic Bridge Modeling is the most useful features of CSiBridge. It comes with some handy options like the modeling of deck sections, diaphragms, bearings, restrainers, foundation springs, superstructure variation, abutments, bents, hinges, tendon layouts, and more.
  • In order to produce a bridge model, the users can follow step by step guidance given in the Bridge Wizard.
  • By the help of Superstructure Deck Sections and Layout Lines users can configure an accurate bridge structure.
  • Lanes and vehicles are characterized instantly and contain width effects. The modeling of construction sequences and scheduling can be easily simulated with user-friendly practical Gantt charts.

To get more details about this software please visit the following link
Browse More CSiBridge Features Here

Demonstration of CSiBridge functionalities

CSiBridge Brings New Horizon To Bridge Modeling & Analysis Method

Construction Estimating And Take-off Method With Bluebeam Revu Software

Bluebeam Revu generally allows Windows desktop and tablet users to create, edit, markup PDF with the collaboration technology to Windows. Users can create and navigate smart, information-rich document sets from converted Microsoft Office and CAD files. Users can also elucidate drawings with customizable markup and measurement tools, and work on the same 2D and 3D PDFs with project partners in the office or in the field. The endless possibilities of this software make it more valuable to its users.

Bluebeam Revu is available in three different editions. They are mentioned below:

Revu Standard
To make paperless workflow more efficiently this edition of Bluebeam Revu is an important PDF solution for Windows and tablet users.

Revu CAD
This edition is specially designed for CAD users.

Revu eXtremeThis is the ultimate PDF solution by which users can customize their digital documents.

Here is a demonstration of construction estimating and take-off method with the help of this Bluebeam Revu Software.

Estimators who want easy, affordable solutions and rapid electronic take-off will learn how to create custom tools, mark-up, and measure using this special software. Performing take-offs from Google Map images or PDFs is easy. With Bluebeam’s measurement tools it’s quick, accurate and affordable for area, length, count, perimeter, volume and even measures arcs. With Bluebeam Revu’s Visual Search you can find symbols on one page, across pages or throughout folders.

Construction Estimating and Take-off Method with Bluebeam Revu Software

Features of ASA Reinforcement Steel Estimation Software

ASA, the world’s leading provider of software for the reinforcement steel (cut and bend) industry has brought a special software for estimating & costing, steel estimation, rebar estimation which will surely going to be a helping hand for estimators, civil engineers, construction experts.

Functionalities of aSa Estimating Software:

  • This software specially designed for estimating.
  • It runs with the concept of “Bid More Win More”.
  • It configures your project in no time.
  • Estimator can create estimates instantly and accurately.
  • The software manages multiple units of measure for bar size length and weight.
  • The software comes with an Estimate Report.
  • The software has an error finding tool that brings out mistakes of each entry, if any.
  • The answer window shows extended length and weight instantly for your inspection.
  • Append mesh, end preps, bar supports, and any other accessories to your estimate.
  • Use pre-installed functions to automate calculations.

The Provided Video below shows the usage detail of the software.

Download Software

Features of ASA Reinforcement Steel Estimation Software

Worksheet Demonstration By Floor Estimator Pro Commercial Software

Floor Estimate Pro (Standard) is a creation tool for creating professional flooring layout and estimates for flooring retailers, installers, sales reps, and contractors. A sales representative simply lays out a floor plan, and the program instantly calculates linear length, square footage, and yardage, and optimizes seam layout and waste. Floor Estimate Pro is time-saving software; and it also cuts down the quotation process.

The software has some special features such as drag and move seam adjustment, pattern carpet layout, tile pattern layout, borders, and walls, multi-levels. As an additional tool, it added multiple tile section on walls, drag whole seam lines, tile editors, etc.

The Video below shows the full demonstration of the software.

Download Floor Estimate Pro Software

Floor Estimate Pro Software

Estimate Construction Labor Costs Faultlessly With Work Schedule Template

In the construction sector, labourers are the primary backbone to any kind of construction irrespective of the built size, ambiance and infrastructure of the construction. Labourer (construction worker) generally involved with the making of such physical construction.

A labourer has to maintain his/her work schedule to finish the construction job which is allocated to him/her by any contractor or construction project manager within the specified time.

The cost of construction project highly counts on the necessities of labour for different activities for the duration of construction. There are direct and indirect costs correlated with the labour. They are the labours’ salary, accommodation, food, insurance cost and so on. Accordingly it is indispensable to understand the quantity of labours needed for each action of the construction to estimate the final cost of project.

Construction Labor Rates Estimate Spreadsheet helps the contractors to find the accurate labor rates on the basis of the requirement. This construction estimating spreadsheet contains of sheet metal shop & filed labor rates, HVAC Piping shop and Field, as well as Plumbing Shop and Field labor rates.

This Excel scheduling template is specially developed to allow users create and print a weekly work schedule for up to 20 employees and 9 shifts. And also this template does an automatic computation on work hours and labor costs on the basis of shift assignments and hourly rates.

Download links are provided below

 Link 1 

 Link 2 

Work Schedule Template

Asphalt Pro iPhone App Vital For Asphalt Contractor And Inspector

Asphalt Pro is very handy tool for those professionals who are associated with asphalt contracting and inspection. This software is built on the basis of only asphalt allied application and specially designed for Apple IOS versions.

Asphalt Pro is available for free and it consists of a series of numerous tools like Mix Yield underrun/overrun calculators, unit conversion calculators, tack and seal distance calculators and rate validators, and visualizers to keep step with plant, truck, paver and roller capacities. These tools are versatile enough to work with the workflow and inspection performances in the jobsite.

By the help of the Asphalt Pro app, user can also allot project images with supervisors.

Asphalt Pro have some exclusive features as following:

  • Workout Mix Yield and match up to project estimates for identifying overruns or under runs.
  • Evaluate Tack and Seal distances facilitating application procedure along with substantiate rates regarding inspection duties.
  • Proves to be very useful for users to get balanced production suitably attaching the plant, trucks, paver, and rollers. Generate adjustments to parameters for augmentation of production, boost efficiency and reduce constrictions.
  • During the confliction of any project, the issue behind the confliction can be easily find out, and also regulate images of issues containing GPS and time coding
  • Consists of six conversion calculators having units in both US and Metric for every value which are essential in the jobsite for contractor and inspector.
  • It also has a Cost Estimator for small projects, parking lots and change orders.

Interested to use Asphalt Pro? Browse it on the Apple App Store

Asphalt Pro

Important List Of Software Indispensable For Civil Engineers

Especially in case of analyzing and calculating complex elements; numerical analysis and software play a very crucial part in civil engineering sector. Consequently this simplifies the work of civil engineers. Besides, some engineering firms prioritize that all analysis and designs should be performed algorithmic-ally in order to get high accuracy that the software provides utilizing limited element analysis or other methods in which manual analysis sporadically limited to approximations.

1. ETABS from CSI
Etabs is well-known software which is known especially for analyzing building construction projects. It is uncomplicated to use and it offer civil engineers a wide range of options for analyzing all elements in building. Etabs mainly offers matchless 3D object based modeling and visualization tool. It is renowned for seismic and earthquake analysis.

2. S-Concrete
Well, this software may not be as popular as the other software that is put into this list. But as per some engineer’s experience this software works best to provide designs for numerous action and it also works as a substitute of etabs and other software.

3. Sap2000
This software is powered by CSI. This software is usually considered as general purpose software in which engineers can design almost all kinds of structure such as steel structures, concrete structures and composite structure. Sap2000 is basically familiar for bridge engineering. With the help of this software you can embrace automotive load to your structures and other dynamic loads.

4. SAFE by CSI
This software is utilized for analyzing all types of foundation and slabs. It offers a high range of analysis of numerous sorts of slabs and foundation. By the use of the restricted analysis system it provide us a contour map of stress distribution, checking settlement value, deflection value for slabs, and reinforcement distribution. It can also be used for post tension and reinforced concrete.

5. AllPile
It is a windows-based analysis program that virtually holds all types of piles like steel pipes, H-piles, pre-cast concrete piles, auger-cast piles, drilled shafts, timber piles, jetted piles, tapered piles, piers bell and other. The major benefit of this software is it merges most pile analyses in a single program. It formulates pile analysis easy, cheap and time-efficient.

6. Autocad
For drafting purpose there is one and only software name that first of all strike our head is Autocad. So it is very much essential to include this name in this list of most vital software. This software generally helps to execute drawing and shop drawings, etc.

7. Microsoft Excel
We all know that products of Microsoft especially Microsoft Excel have been very needful for all types of civil works since time immemorial. By this Microsoft product you can build your own calculation sheets for quantity calculation and it can be used to create sheets for designing elements on the basis of your own necessities.

Important List Of Software Indispensable For Civil Engineers

Brief Overview Of ASDIP RETAIN Structural Engineering Software

In this section we are bringing to you an exclusive structural engineering software review which is termed as ASDIP RETAIN. It is very handy tool for engineers to efficiently design retaining walls within minutes. This software has an extra feature of designing masonry stems according to the most recent MSJC provisions. It also offers instant calculations for structural engineering design.

It is basically consists of two modules. They are:
1. Cantilever Retaining Wall Design
2. Top-Restrained Retaining Wall Design

Key advantages:
• Instantly design your retaining walls with the help of trouble-free and professional graphical user interface.
• Develop your design expectantly and conform with design Code provisions.
• Wide-ranging documentation, solved examples, and blog posts to direct you all the way through the software.

Here is an ASDIP RETAIN Overview in the form of an audio-visual as shown below:

For more detailed information about this structural engineering software please visit the following link.
Browse more about ASDIP RETAIN Structural Engineering Software