Usage Of Cost Calculator To Build A House

In this tutorial section we are going to highlight a brief video on using a calculator that is really useful to estimate for your home construction in just few steps.

Lets discuss about the steps below:

  • First up, open the calculator.
  • At the very next step click on the Start section from the menu.
  • Thereafter select your desired project you want to work on from the provided list.
  • Then select the Building Energy Rating (BER), house type, number of storeys you want to build for your house and most important part the area of your house.
  • In the very next stage after selecting all the aforesaid options just simply click on the Calculate Costs button.
  • Finally you will get your house construction cost.

You can also edit your calculation details and also delete your records which you do not want to keep anymore.

In order to get a detailed overview of the home cost estimator please watch the short video presented by Patrick Henderson.


You will get the Home Cost Estimator For Excel from the following download link.

Download Home Cost Estimator for Excel


Video Courtesy : Patrick Henderson


Usage Of Cost Calculator To Build A House