PDF Takeoff for All Building Trades useful for Construction Estimator

A good construction project needs an accurate estimation of construction materials and labor as well. This estimation process which is described as quantity takeoff(QTO) is done by a construction estimator during the preconstruction stage. To format a bid on the extent of construction these measurements are used. Construction estimator's basic job is to analyze drawings and specifications to find these measurements.

Well! Here specially construction estimators can watch and learn a superb video demonstration of performing take-offs from PDF or TIFF files which is brought to you by Dave Valente.

Benefits of Quick Measure On-Screen Takeoff

  • First of all, you will learn to save your precious time during "Quick Measure On-Screen" takeoffs.
  • "Quick Measure On-Screen" offers you to reduce your printing costs as it will help you to takeoff any type of blueprint image such as PDF, TIFF, BMP, etc .
  • No digitizer is required.
  • No paper blueprints are necessary.
  • "Quick Measure On-Screen" supports all operating system (Windows XP, 7 ). All version of excel are supported by it also.
  • No special configured computer is required to perform "Quick Measure On-Screen" takeoff.
  • Just as a recommendation you will need a larger monitor (24" to 27") to run "Quick Measure On-Screen".

For a more detailed online demonstration please visit the following website

PDF Takeoff for All Building Trades useful for Construction Estimator


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