Measuring Tape as a Tool used to Measure Angles

Welcome back civil engineers. In this session of learning we are presenting one of the most discussed topics in civil engineering, the method for finding an angle by the help of measuring tape.

Measurement is a key aspect in civil engineering. If your measurement consists of wrong data then it will be a matter of concern for sure. Appropriate tool used to measure angles is therefore highly recommended for this purpose.

When it comes to the question of determining angle, we generally rely on the following tools to measure angles.

  • BLUEPRINT - Generally used by architects.
  • Surveying - Used by Surveyors from the different fields.
  • GEOMETRY - Mostly used by students.
  • CARPENTRY - Specially used for woodworking by carpenters.

On the basis of the vocation each and every professionals use the measurement tool according to fulfill their actual necessity.

Here, in this tutorial engineer SL Khan has used a measuring tape as a tool used to measure angles and nicely portrays the detailed mathematical process with a view to guide you through.




Tool used to Measure Angles


Lecturer : SL Khan