How To Measure Height Of Buildings Using Theodolites and Leveling Machine

The following videos systematically demonstrates the method that is useful to determine height of any kind of buildings by the assistance of theodolite.

Step 1: Centralizing and bubbling the instrument on station.

Step 2: Place Staff at the base point of building and read the Staff; it should be recorded as H1.

Step 3: Focus the instrument on the bottom of Staff and then read the vertical angle and also record it as (Φ1).

Step 4: Focus the instrument over the peak point of building and again read the vertical angle and record it as (Φ2).


How to measure height of buildings using Theodolites

Now moving on to the next video; here in this short video you will learn to apply the basic formula to find out the horizontal distance using leveling machine.

The formula we will apply is as follows:

Formula for Horizontal Distance Determination
Distance = (top reading - bottom reading) constant



Lecturer : SL Khan