How To Form BBS Of Staircase With The Assistance Of Autocad

In today's tutorial you will watch a practical method for making BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) of staircase with the help of Autocad, the most useful software in civil engineering.

Before proceeding to the Autocad tutorial you just need to watch and comprehend the theoritical section of BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) - Stair Reinforcement Details which is briefly described in the following video. If you skip this video tutorial you will not going to understand the next tutorial. So it is highly recommended to study the following video carefully and proceed further.

Watch and learn the detailed theoritical tutorial as shown in the video below.

Now learn the step by step tutorial in Autocad for making BBS of staircase as shown in the video below.

Video Courtesy : Learning Technology

How To Make BBS Of Staircase With The Help Of Autocad