How To Measure Cement Quantity In Brickwork

Brick is a very useful material for constructing buildings. The whole work procedure is termed as brickwork.

The detailed cement measurement process is described below in detail:

Bricks required for one cum Volume of one bricks.23x.115x.075=0.002cum, 1cum/.002=500nos (Wastage is considered) Mortar requirements considering mix 1:4, in brick work 20-30% mortar is considered. Here, considering 25% that indicates .25cum Now add the ratio of mix 1+4=5.25/5=0.05cum of cement converts cement into bags.05x1440(Density of cement)=72kg,convert into bags by dividing 50kg 72/50=1.44bags
Sand calculation.05x4=0.2cum

How to measure cement quantity in brickwork


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