Learn to Design a Circular Sedimentation Tank

Hope you all enjoyed the last tutorial about the rectangular sedimentation tank design. Now moving on to the next tutorial about the same aspect but the shape is different here. Yes, we are going to discuss about the circular sedimentation tank design method in this latest video.

Circular Tank:
Circular sedimentation tanks are used to keep incessant vertical flow type sedimentation tanks. In this kind of tank influent is delivered through the central pipe of the tank and as a result radial flow occurs.

Circular tank



In the design calculation we will provide solution to the following problem.
Design a Circular sedimentation tank if the capacity of tank is 10000 m^3/day. Water will stay for 2 hours in tank (detention period)

Watch the following video to learn more:

Video Courtesy : SL Khan



Circular sedimentation tank design