Usage of Concrete Cover in Various Elements

Today we are discussing about an important section of civil engineering that is generally used in reinforcement purpose. The topic is concrete cover. Minimal distance between the surface of embedded reinforcement and the external surface of the cocrete is addressed as concrete cover(in reinforced concrete).

The cocrete cover should have the least thickness for the following three reasons:

  • For the protection of the steel reinforcement bars from the environmental effects to restrain their corrosion
  • Adequate supply of thermal insulation for the protection of reinforcement bars from fire.
  • To give sufficient support to the reinforcing bars to get rid of slipping.

Applications of Concrete Cover:

  • For the prevention of the corrosion between the cement mixture and steel rebar.
  • In order to acquire perfect support system reinforcement bars are organized in a proper way throughout the concrete.

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Country Concrete Code Range of Concrete Cover(mm)
UK BS:8110 25-50
EU EN 1992 (EC2) diameter +10 - 55
USA ACI:318 40-50
Australia AS:3600 15-78


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