10 Ways To Maintain Roof

The problems in roof are manageable with proper planning. There are many factors which take the key role of a roof’s life. Liza Barth Content Editor & Writer has brought this article on GAF Pro Blog.

Those are:

  • Design quality installation
  • Products
  • Maintenance
  • Roof use and weather

There are several roof problems which can be dealt with best work and planning.

1. Problem :
Roof leaking is one of the major problems that we have witnessed.
Solution :
A proactive preventative protection that can get rid of or subsequently reduce building interior water intrusion.

2. Problem :
Blow-offs, tenting, or billowing are such problems where the roof is not attached or fixed properly to the substrate. The single-ply roofs are at a high risk for blow-off and billowing.
Solution :
Ask your roofing contractor to provide the proper specification or building code for your area when installing a new roof.

3. Problem :
Sometime poor installation or workmanship caused the leakage. A defective installation raises the possibility of problems and trims down the roof life. Workmanship is one of the common problems of all.
Solution :
You can suggest your contractor to make a checklist subjected to the roof system that should be used for information-gathering (data-collecting) and reporting as well.

The moister survey is another thing to ponder over. The roofs with insulation have to be surveyed prior to overlay via non-destructive methods. Your contractor should have to provide an inspection report featuring the digital photo. The details on any sorts of structural alteration or modifications to the roof surface have to be supply to you.

4. Problem :
Lack of maintenance is a reason for leakage. Neglecting the roof maintenance proved harmful in financial aspects and safety. It is important to have timely inspection, pouring water after the construction like pond.
Solution :
A hands-on maintenance program has to be taken.

5. Problem :
Sometime ponding water may cause harm. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has classified the ponding water as “undesirable” which is standing for more than 48 hours. But it is also true that ponding can create harm even shorter time spans.
Solution :
New ways have to find for proper draining water with developed flash.

6. Problem :
There would be punctures. For those with single-ply roof systems, damage from foot traffic can be problematic.
Solution :
Traffic has to be limited and conduct hasty inspections after trades people have been on the roof.

7. Problem :
Safety, Fires, odors, slips, and falls are common cause’s leads to problems.
Solution :
The personal protection equipments have to be there, such as safety glasses, approved footwear, and hard hats. You should also have a copy of all the MSDS information for all the products being installed on the roof.

8. Problem :
The repairing work has to be properly done. Using application unsupported applications on specific roof types can result in permanent damage.
Solution :
Take help from certified roof contractors.

9. Problem :
Shrinkage is another problem. Single-ply roof types are unique. If you walk out onto an EPDM roof, one of the first things you’re going to look for is evidence of shrinkage. The two items most commonly seen are flashings pulling away from the wall or curb and crazing and cracking of uncured membrane, which is commonly used at perimeter and penetration flashings.
Solution :
Make sure you’re conducting visual inspections. Some experts recommend a minimum of two per year (late fall and early spring) which certainly at least annually.

10. Problem :
Blistering, ridging, splitting, and surface erosion. These issues are commonly found with BUR roof systems, but can also happen in some single-ply systems.
Solution :
Do your homework and make sure you select a certified and licensed roofing contractor before selecting or installing your new roof. To learn more about how to address these problems through hands-on courses or free online webinars, check out our training classes through the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence (CARE).

10 Ways To Maintain Roof