Top 10 Contract Management Software For Construction

Contracts accompany essential insights about how your construction business is going to act, whether it be with customers, representatives, employees, subcontractors, or suppliers. The construction world doesn't move without viable contract administration, which is the reason business construction organizations—which frequently have several agreements running at one time—ought to put resources into contract management software.

Here we have arranged the best contract management software list which will be beneficial for construction professionals.

1. EasyBuild
EasyBuild, construction ERP solution which can oversee construction projects from end-to-end at ease. It is also a document scanning software, high-quality debtor reporting, and the software acts as a complete end-to-end solution. This construction software also allows subcontractor document management.
Price: Starts at £1,750 (about $2,500) per license.

2. Eque2 EVision
EVision EVision is a construction accounting software. The product is based off of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s ERP system for small and mid-sized businesses, so it adapts with all of your Microsoft products. The whole system covers everything from project management to cost control. Users can easily run reports and find out which contracts affect the operational and financial health of their construction company.
Price: Starts at £50,000 (about $72,000).

3. Explorer Eclipse
Explorer Software is also a full ERP solution that just doubled down on DocPro, the document management feature of this construction management software solution. Explorer Software doesn’t count on plugins to function well. It has awesome customer service and in-depth reporting features.
Price: Starts at $19,000 and scales with the number of users and units.

4. GenieBelt
GenieBelt, provides a full audit trail and differing permissions levels, so everyone involved in the project stay informed. It is free, user-friendly and well priced as well.
Price: Starts at £20 (about $30) a month and scales with project size.

5. Goldenseal by Turtle Creek Software
Goldenseal plays a vital role for those construction business person whose construction business is on the smaller end. It is compatible with MAC and Windows but a little slow at startup. This construction management softeware is totally safe and integrated with accounting and estimating features.
Price: Fixed at $295 to $695 for a single user and $995 to $2,195 multi-user.

This complete software offers flexible contract features, such as version control and document search. It is mostly popoular within Asia and the Middle East and also started to make its mark in Europe and the Americas.
Price: Variable based on project.

7. Jonas Premier
This software has unlimited storage space for keeping your valuable contracts and it is super easy to use. It also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, and here users are allowed to create their own custom forms and can implement directly into the program. It also has a great mobile app and syncs with Microsoft Project, Quickbooks, and many more!
Price: $6,500 one time training fee, $150 per user per month, and $25 per APP user per month.

8. Knowify
Knowify is a fully-functional software that seems to have thought of everything to become one of the best contract management software for construction. It is very essential for commercial subcontractors. It has also some good traits like mobile timesheets, free training, etc.
Price: Starts at $68 a month and scales up with the number of users.

9. Pro DBX
Pro DBX is a great contract management software option for all-sized business. The software offers digidocs—a system that keeps all contracts and forms immediately available and searchable online. Pro DBX also allows users to track their materials with GPS, take inventory and cover purchase orders, manage payroll and timecards, and offers task management capabilities.
Price: Starts at $15 per user per month (with a minimum of $150 per month purchase) and scales up based on your company’s needs.

10. RENOMii
RENOMii is largely used by the homebuilders; though subcontractors can easily use this software to manage commercial contracts. It also offers unlimited free cloud storage and outstanding user permission customizations.
Price: $399CAD per year (or about $280USD) or $43CAD per month (or about $30USD).

Top 10 Contract Management Software for Construction


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