Important List Of Software Indispensable For Civil Engineers

Especially in case of analyzing and calculating complex elements; numerical analysis and software play a very crucial part in civil engineering sector. Consequently this simplifies the work of civil engineers. Besides, some engineering firms prioritize that all analysis and designs should be performed algorithmically in order to get high accuracy that the software provides utilizing limited element analysis or other methods in which manual analysis sporadically limited to approximations.

1. ETABS from CSI
Etabs is well-known software which is known especially for analyzing building construction projects. It is uncomplicated to use and it offer civil engineers a wide range of options for analyzing all elements in building. Etabs mainly offers matchless 3D object based modeling and visualization tool. It is renowned for seismic and earthquake analysis.

2. S-Concrete
Well, this software may not be as popular as the other software that is put into this list. But as per some engineer’s experience this software works best to provide designs for numerous action and it also works as a substitute of etabs and other software.

3. Sap2000
This software is powered by CSI. This software is usually considered as general purpose software in which engineers can design almost all kinds of structure such as steel structures, concrete structures and composite structure. Sap2000 is basically familiar for bridge engineering. With the help of this software you can embrace automotive load to your structures and other dynamic loads.

4. SAFE by CSI
This software is utilized for analyzing all types of foundation and slabs. It offers a high range of analysis of numerous sorts of slabs and foundation. By the use of the restricted analysis system it provide us a contour map of stress distribution, checking settlement value, deflection value for slabs, and reinforcement distribution. It can also be used for post tension and reinforced concrete.

5. AllPile
It is a windows-based analysis program that virtually holds all types of piles like steel pipes, H-piles, pre-cast concrete piles, auger-cast piles, drilled shafts, timber piles, jetted piles, tapered piles, piers bell and other. The major benefit of this software is it merges most pile analyses in a single program. It formulates pile analysis easy, cheap and time-efficient.

6. Autocad
For drafting purpose there is one and only software name that first of all strike our head is Autocad. So it is very much essential to include this name in this list of most vital software. This software generally helps to execute drawing and shop drawings, etc.

7. Microsoft Excel
We all know that products of Microsoft especially Microsoft Excel have been very needful for all types of civil works since time immemorial. By this Microsoft product you can build your own calculation sheets for quantity calculation and it can be used to create sheets for designing elements on the basis of your own necessities.


Important List Of Software Indispensable For Civil Engineers


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