Download Single and Continuous-Span Beam Analysis Worksheet for Free

In this discussion we are sharing some useful information regarding a user friendly spreadsheet which is specially designed to analyze continuous beams. It is also comes in handy during the analysis of single spans.

This specific spreadsheet is addressed as "BEAMANAL". This spreadsheet program is totally written in Microsoft Excel.

This spreadsheet program contains four different worksheets which are as follows:

Worksheet Name Description
Doc This documentation sheet
Single-Span Beam Single-span beam analysis for simple, propped,fixed, & cantilever beams
Single-Span Beam & Code Check Single-span beam analysis and AISC 9th Ed. Code,Check for X-axis bending
Continuous-Span Beam Continuous-span beam analysis for 2 through 5 span beams



A comprehensible and uncomplicated to read output.

Limitation of input up to 5 spans.

There are various loading options: UDL, Partial UDL, 2x Point Load.

It also has 'Live' Loading diagram.

Change between bending moment, shear and deflection diagram.

Change between deflection for Dead Load + Imposed Load or Imposed Load only.

It has changeable factors about safety.

It display diagrams under factored or unfactored loading category.

It has option to change between SI units (metres, Newtons) and US units (feet, pounds).

To download this spreadsheet click on the link provided below.

Download Spreadsheet For Single and Continuous-Span Beam Analysis Worksheet


continuous beam analysis spreadsheet

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