Bar Bending Schedule Spreadsheet – Free Download

A brand new spreadsheet having some great features like optimization, sorting, tagging, delivery note, editable bend and hook lengths, editable steel grades, improved printing along with some improved performance is now available for free download. Users (designer, detailer, contractor or a manufacturer/supplier) who are associated with detailing reinforcement according to the Indian standard, for them this spreadsheet is a very handy tool to save plenty of time during the preparation of bar lists and also during the time of sorting, optimization, tagging etc.

This spreadsheet has a simple and user friendly interface that offers quick input of information in a clear format. It also includes a shape code pop-up window to speed up input process. You just need to install Microsoft Windows Excel version 2007 to 2016 to run this spreadsheet. The video provided below shows how the spreadsheet actually works.

This video covers the following topics sequentially:
1. inserting new sheet;
2. Usage of 'clear sheet' button to clear all data on a sheet;
3. inserting new bars and using shape code pop-up quick selection window;
4. look at customizable settings like hook and bend lengths etc;
5. sorting bars from all sheets by user-specified sorting order;
6. optimizing bars for cutting;
7. generating tags;
8. generating a delivery note;
9. custom printing where user can specify which sheets to print and on which printer.

Download FREE Lite version: Bar Bending Schedule Spreadsheet (3.1)


Bar Bending Schedule Spreadsheet – Free Download

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