California Construction Law Update 2016

The California State Legislature saw the presentation of 2,297 bills amid the first 50% of the 2015-2016 authoritative session of which 1,010 bills were marked into law.

For contractual workers, the bill (now law), having the most prompt impact is SB 467, which builds the permit bond sum required of all temporary workers from $12,500 to $15,000. Notwithstanding authorizing changes, 2015 saw the sanctioning of various bills accommodating option venture conveyance strategies from configuration manufacture, to CM at danger, to open private organizations, and even the extended utilization of upgraded foundation financing areas as the state enters its fourth year since the abolishment of redevelopment offices.

SB 467 – Removes the prerequisite that temporary worker permit candidates demonstrate they have $2,500 in working capital as a state of issuance of a contractual workers permit and expands the measure of the permit security all contractual workers are required to present from $12,500 on $15,000. More data can be found here.

SB 560 – Expands the purview of the Contractors State License Board's implementation division to issue notification to show up in court if a contractual worker neglects to convey laborers' pay protection when required.

SB 561 – Streamlines the home change sales representative enlistment process by taking out the necessity that home change salespersons enroll independently for every contractual worker in which they are utilized. More data can be found here.

Prevailing Wages
AB 219 – Expands the use of the overarching compensation laws to the pulling and conveyance of prepared blended cement to state and neighborhood open works ventures viable July 1, 2016.

AB 852 – Expands the use of the common pay laws to the construction, modification, annihilation, establishment or repair of done under private contract for general intense consideration healing centers, aside from country general intense consideration clinics with a most extreme of 76 beds, when the task is financed in entire or to a limited extent with course income bonds issued on or after January 1, 2016.

Project Delivery
SB 63 – Authorizes the utilization of improved framework financing areas for seaport and harbor ventures.

AB 1171 – Authorizes local transportation offices to utilize the construction administrator/general contractual worker venture conveyance strategy for the configuration and construction of specific freeways that are not on the state thruway framework.

AB 1185 – Establishes a test case system approving the Los Angeles Unified School District to utilize a best esteem obtainment technique for offer assessment and choice for open works extends that surpass $1 million through December 31, 2020.

AB 1290 – Authorizes the Mayers Memorial Hospital District to utilize the configuration manufacture venture conveyance strategy for changes at the Mayers Memorial Hospital.

AB 1358 – Removes, compelling July 1, 2016, the $2.5 million least edge for school locale to utilize the outline manufacture venture conveyance for school extends, and replaces it with a lower $1 million least limit through January 1, 2025.

AB 1431 – Expands the utilization of occupation request contracting, which was some time ago restricted to the Los Angeles Unified School District, to all school locale that: (1) have gone into undertaking work assentions; (2) for school ventures in overabundance of $25,000, through January 1, 2022.

SB 374 – Authorizes the San Diego Association of Governments to utilize the outline manufacture venture conveyance system for open works ventures contiguous, or physically of practically related, to travel offices created by the affiliation.

SB 562 –Authorizes the City of Long Beach to utilize people in general private acquirement system to revive and redevelop the Long Beach Civic Center.

SB 762 – Establishes a test case system approving the Counties of Alameda, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernadino, San Diego, Solano and Yuba to choose bidders on the premise of best esteem for open works ventures in abundance of $1 million.

Public Works AB 323 –Extends, from January 1, 2016 through January 1, 2020, the exclusion of repairs, support, or minor adjustments to existing roadways by urban communities and areas with populaces of under 100,000 from the California Environmental Quality Act.

AB 413 – Amends existing law which permitted a tyke or life partner of a crippled veteran who was/is the lion's share proprietor of an impaired veteran business undertaking to proceed with the endeavor for a long time after the passing or confirmation of changeless medicinal inability of such incapacitated veteran, however just for contracts went into before the demise or affirmation of lasting restorative handicap of such debilitated veteran, by wiping out the limitation on contacts went into before death or accreditation of perpetual therapeutic incapacity.

AB 552 – Makes unenforceable, for open works contracts went into at the very latest January 1, 2016, procurements making a contractual worker in charge of deferral harms to an open element, unless the postponement harms have been exchanged to a set sum in the agreement.

AB 566 – Requires, through January 1, 2019, that rent leaseback school task contracts incorporate certain per capability necessities paying little heed to the subsidizing hotspot for people in general works activities, and a talented and prepared workforce including no less than 30 percent (30%) understudies who have moved on from endorsed apprenticeship programs for contracts went into on or after January 1, 2016.

AB 1308 – Revises the conditions which must be met to legitimize the endorsement of another apprenticeship program if one of the accompanying conditions is met: (1) There is not existing apprenticeship project serving the same art or exchange and geographic region; (2)an existing apprenticeship system does not have the limit, or disregards or cannot, to dispatch adequate students; (3) a current apprenticeship system has been recognized by the California Apprenticeship Council as lacking in meeting their commitments.

SB 184 - Amends the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act in a few regards, including, (1) approving notification welcoming casual offers to be faxed or messaged to fitting contractual workers records or exchange diaries; and (2) approving administering bodies to assign a delegate to receive arrangements, determinations and working points of interest for open works undertakings surpassing $175,000. Approves regions, whether general law or sanction areas, with populaces of under 500,000, to grant singular yearly contracts for repair, rebuilding or other dull work as per unit costs not to cross $3 million threshold, adjusted annually.

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