Brief Overview Of Bill Of Quantities For Civil Works

Generally a bill of quantities (BOQ) indicates a document to be implemented for tendering purpose in the construction industry / supplies. The task of a BOQ is to index all the details for materials, parts, and labor (and their costs). The entire BOQ maintenance and management is basically performed by an experienced cost consultant (generally familiar as a quantity surveyor), who builds up the document (BOQ) and it contains project related measured quantities of the items of work recognized with the drawings and specifications available in the tender documentation.

Bill of quantities acts upon as the most efficient tool for establishing communication between the parties (client, consultant, contractor and many more associates those who are interconnected) of construction project. BOQ can also be portrayed as a schedule that sorts, details and computes the materials and other cost items which are implemented in construction project. It should be kept in mind that the direct costs; indirect costs are incorporated for determining total cost of the project which is included in assorted parts of the BOQ.

How important a BOQ is in civil works:

BOQ must be utilized in each section (pre-contract; post-contract) of the project but necessity of BOQ differs in accordance with diverse contract agreements and project. The key applications are as follows:

1. It suggests the primary perception regarding the project by offering the quantities to tenderers.

2. It specifies the range of the work. But it should be traced as per drawings and specification too.

3. It also offers estimated or projected contract sum which is very useful to client.

4. It suggests a basis for valuation of variation.

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