Top 4 Advantages Of Bill Of Quantities In Civil Engineering

Do you know what BOQ is? The bill of Quantities also familiar as BOQ, is a tendering document. It is prepared by Quantity Surveyor or Architects. It is an important document that one requires in all kinds of building works. Mainly, it is designed and prepared by the architect. One can consider it as a list of diverse components that are required for the work. Based on the descriptions that are provided there, the professionals quote their rate for taking up the construction work.

Advantages of bill of quantities for a project are:

A comprehensive detail of the work:

As it is already mentioned that BOQ consists of all the descriptions of several components that one needs for completing the task. And for this, the professional who is interested to quote for the work will get a detail of the work involved as well as the material that is needed to accomplish the task effectively. Moreover, BOQ specifies the quantity of the material along with other details related to the material. It would provide a complete picture of the material that one needs and helps the professionals involved in it to quote for the work properly.

No guesswork:

If BOQ was not there, the professionals need to quote it only depending on the guess-work. However, it hardly allows any guesswork as all the components that are needed for the task should be described with abundant clarity. They should contain details like a preliminary description of the task, an introduction that will provide the detail of the work involved in it. And for this, the comprehensive list of the materials should be there in the proper manner. All these help the contractor to accomplish the task with clarity.


As you know, when a boq in civil engineering, the contractors would quote it for the task. They prefer to follow the standard format that is provided by the owner of the building. And the professional involved in it needs to quote on the standard format. And as a result, it helps to compare the rates quoted by the contractors. Moreover, it plays an important role in the cost analysis by adjoining overheads as well as other unforeseen expenses.

Time limit:

Generally, the building owner calls for tenders or quotes from diverse contractors. And he or she will specify the last date within which the quotes need to be received by him. Furthermore, if required, the building owner can also prescribe some standards in order to evaluate the quotes.

After going through all the details, you might have understood the importance of BOQ in construction as well as civil engineering. It is the ingredient without which the dish seems incomplete. So, what are you waiting for? Ask for the document before starting your task.

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