New Stronger And Bendable Concrete Adds More Durability To Construction

With the ceaseless flow of technology the entire industry of construction yet another experience a miracle as a new species of concrete has been developed even with more strength and sustainability than the conventional concrete by the scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Center in Singapore.

"ConFlexPave" is the name by which the scientists address their innovative invention. Scientists demand their exclusive invention as flexible and much more durable than ordinary concrete. The component is built from the ordinary concrete components of cement, water, gravel and sand, combined with polymer microfibres.

In accordance with the opinions of the inventors, ConFlexPave can immensely lessen the load and depth of precast pavement slabs by making them lighter and smoother to transfer and install — as a consequence, the time necessary for road work and new pavement is almost half. Moreover, for the reason that it is more sustainable, it necessitates less maintenance in comparison with conventional concrete.

Bendable Concrete vs Conventional Concrete

Apart from cement, water, and sand (the components are used to make concrete solid and tough), this new species of concrete(ConFlexPave) also contains special synthetic fibers, which offer this new variety of concrete the power to contract and bend under tension as well as improve skid resistance.

Owing to the usage of special elements in this new type of concrete, it costs somewhat more than ordinary concrete. But Dr. Yang En-Hua (leader of the research project) claims this new variety of concrete in fact economical. He says, “If you look at it over the whole lifecycle and consider the manpower cutback since it is easier to install, you can actually save more.”

Dr. Yang observes the prospective of ConFlexPave in alleviating earthquake damage to any infrastructure.

New Bendable Concrete

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