In Just 7 Hours Movable Concrete Micro-Home Can Be Constructed

An innovative and new prefabricated concrete micro-home that can be easily assembled and installed on-site within just seven hours is being developed by Estonian firm Kodasema. This concrete micro-home can also be moved to another location easily. The expected price for this movable concrete micro-home is around €100,000 (around US$111,000), excluding transport costs.

Main elements to build Koda are concrete and ships in prefabricated sections. So during the arrival in the worksite, it just takes seven hours to complete assembling and installation. The home contains just 9 cubic meters (which is 317 cu ft) of concrete in all. No special foundations are required and it can be placed on gravel, asphalt, and other kind of surfaces. It also has a level footing.

Though it’s definitely not a home that can be towable, yet manufacturer of this unique construction has promised that it can easily be transferable. If the owner of the home wants to change the location, all he/she has to do is to hire a crane or a truck to convert it into a way of transport.

Movable Concrete Micro-Home

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Kodasema is eager to promote Koda's sustainability and efficiency. The windows are quadruple-glazed and, while it requires hookups for water, electricity and sewage, the home's roof-based solar-panels will reduce grid-based requirements.

Insulation performance sounds very good too, with walls rated at a U value of 0.1 W/m²K, and windows with a U value of 0.3 W/m²K. Put simply, this should mean that it iss less expensive to heat and cool.

Movable Concrete Micro-Home

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The firm also tells that it is looking forward to make models suitable for use as a classroom, cafe, office or workshop, for instance, and offering furniture as an all-in one package. A company representative told that Koda homes are expected to start selling them in quantity next year.


Movable Concrete Micro-Home

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