Various Methods For Structure Repair And Rehabilitation

There is always a core reason of the corrosion detection of the concrete structures behind every successful repair activity. Once this justified reason is aptly recognized then the repair activity can be done even more fairly for the betterment of strength and durability. In this way expansion of the life span of the structure can be made without any trouble.

Usage of common methods for the repair of afflicted concrete structure:

  • Back up the structural members well as necessary.
  • Eliminate all cracked and loose concrete.
  • Make the uncovered concrete surfaces and steel reinforcement dirt free.
  • If the loss in reinforcement is more than 10%, supply extra reinforcing bars.
  • Assign shortcreting/polymer concrete to mend repair work and grouting for porous/honeycombed concrete.
  • Apply shielding coatings over the exposed/repaired surface.

Gunite and Shortcrete
Guniting is one kind of mechanical application which contains cement, aggregates and water. With the assistance of compressed air the mixture of cement and sand is carried through a hose pipe in a conventional technique. A separate pipe line is used to bring water under pressure and the water and cement aggregate mix are moved through and combined closely in a unique manifold and then planned at high pace to the surface that is being repaired.

Shortcrete implies a mortar or concrete exquisitely projected at high speed onto a surface.

Categories of shorcrete:
1. Dry mix:
Dry cement, sand and coarse aggregate are premixed with only adequate water to lessen dusting.

2. Wet mix:
The cement, sand and coarse aggregate are mixed with water and the consequential concrete is then pushed to the spout where compressed air boosts the wet mixture onto the surface.

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Applications of shortcrete in repairing aspect:

  • canal
  • spillway linings
  • walls
  • the faces of dams, tunnel linings
  • highway bridges and tunnels
  • degenerating natural rock walls
  • earthen slopes
  • used to harden and toughen current concrete surfaces

Various types of Repair Methodologies:

Various types of Repair Methodologies

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Most Common Causes of Cracking in Concrete:

  • Stitching
  • Muting and sealing
  • Resin injection
  • Dry packing
  • Polymer impregnation
  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Autogenous healing
  • Flexible sealing
  • Drilling and plugging
  • Bandaging


Methods for Structure Repair And Rehabilitation

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