Must Know Things About Major Parts Of Bridges For Engineers

Here, in this article we are going to discuss about the most important parts of bridges. All civil engineers out there should have the fundamental knowledge and understanding regarding these components and about their function.

Generally any structure can be categorized based on the major components as follows:

  • Super-structure
  • Sub-structure

Super Structure of Bridges
All components of bridges which are placed on the supporting system are defined as super structure. This part mainly supports traffic and comprises of girders, slabs, deck, etc.

Beam or girder is basically designed for bending for most of the part of the bridge engineering. It can bear live load along the span. It is load bearing member which sustains the deck.



Bearing is a structural part used to relocate loads from girders to piers during the allowance of the specific allowed movements. The movements can be angular or linear.


Substructure is the part which is very supportive to super structure of bridge. It forms piers, abutments and foundations. Typically in bridges pile foundations are used.

From bearing to the end of the span of the pier part of the substructure that supports the superstructure and also relocates load from super structure to piles. Prestressed concrete is the main component of piers. It is generally of circular or rectangular in shape.

Due to the nature and magnitude of loads typically piles are widely used for bridges. To build up piles concrete is mostly used. Piles can be driven in situ.

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Must Know Things About Major Parts Of Bridges For Engineers