Ebook on Surveying Problems and Solutions By Dr. A M Chandra

By the term ‘surveying’ we actually indicate the profession or technique of inspecting and recording the area and traits of a piece of land so as to build a map, plan or proper description of it.

This technique is generally performed by an expert surveyor (one who is associated with surveying). There are so many spheres in surveying such as land surveying, geodetic surveying, marine surveying, geological surveying and so on. To learn more about surveying please visit the following article.

Surveying is a very complex and time consuming process. If a surveyor has not gathered enough experience to perform surveying then it will be difficult to process the method. This difficulty often takes place especially for those who are new to this field.

Here, in this article we are going to provide an ebook for all the newbies out there. This ebook will be very handy for the students as well as the professionals those who are associated with surveying.

Topics covered in this ebook:

  • Errors in measurements and their propagation
  • Distance measurement
  • Leveling
  • Theodolite and traverse surveying
  • Adjustment of survey observations
  • Triangulation and trilateration
  • Curve ranging
  • Areas and volumes
  • Point location
  • Setting out

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