Excellent Video Time-lapse Of The Whole Erques Bridge Construction

The Erques Bridge, which belong to the part of the new Southern Highway in Tenerife, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, inaugurated at the end of the last year (December 2015). The video, presented below by Ferrovial, is a remarkable time-lapse of the bridge’s construction.

Erques Bridge Details:
As said by Ferrovial, the bridge measures all but 369 feet (110 meters) and the deck is hanged by hangers from two arches. Each arch is built from two tubes linked together by diaphragms every 6.5 feet (2 meters) and concrete filled.

The bridge deck is made of a metal grid covered with a slab of reinforced concrete. To construct this bridge self-compacting concrete (SCC) with a compressive strength of 7,251.9 psi (50 MPa) was used.

The complete time-lapse footage displayed below:

Time-lapse of the Erques Bridge

Image & Content Source : www.equipmentworld.com