Various Systems Of Slipforming

There are numerous construction aspects available in the entire construction industry. Among those one of the essentials is slipform construction.

Slipform construction is generally used for building tall structures such as bridges, towers, skyscrapers, dams, etc. The base of of this construction method is count upon quick-setting properties of concrete.

There are two types of slip forming available. One is vertical slip forming and the other is horizontal slip forming.

Nowadays vertical slip forming is used for high-rise concrete structures mostly as compared to horizontal slip forming.

Apart from the aforesaid there are some common systems in slipforming that are used in as the fastest and most economical construction method, they are as follows :

Traditional Slipforming
This system mainly consists of hydraulic jacks or a combination of slipforming and heavy lifting systems where beams, tower cranes etc. are lifted together with the slipform. Owing to the extensive use of this system, components and equipments can delivered on short notice.

Conical Slipforming
A most recent form of slipforming, conical slipforming consists of building a conical reinforced structure. These structures have a cross-section, which differs incessantly along the building’s height. Wall thickness may differ in such way too.

Gantry Slipforming
The most fruitful system of slipforming is gantry slipforming. This system can be executed in various layouts. The main benefit of this system is that the slipform is never disassembled and reassembled during the production procedure.

Various Systems Of Slipforming