Concrete: The Most Useful Material In Construction

Concrete is a combination of cement, sand, pebbles or crushed rock and water. The total mixture is also called aggregate. Concrete becomes rigid like a stone when it is poured in the structure which is used for construction. Concrete is now a part and parcel of main building material in all aspects of modern construction due to the reasons as follows:

  • It can be formed into long-lasting structural items of different sizes and shapes effortlessly.
  • Using suitable components and procedures such as chemical, mechanical and physical the properties of concrete can be controlled.
  • Its preparation and placing methods can possibly be motorized totally.
  • It has sufficient flexibility for the mechanical operation.

Qualities of Concrete:
The concrete holds the following significant properties:

  • High compressive strength.
  • Corrosion free.
  • No substantial effect of atmospheric factors on concrete.
  • Concrete gets harder with the flow of time and in the long run concrete achieves adequate strength which is another great feature of concrete.
  • More reasonable than steel. This is why it is considered as one of the distinct building materials.
  • It has proclivity to reduce in size under two conditions. The initial contraction of concrete is primarily owing to the loss of water through forms, ingestion by surfaces of forms and so on. Curing of concrete is the proper way to reduce this shrinkage tendency.
  • Concrete acts as a poriferous element. This happens as there are voids which are created during and after its placement. On the other hand, it is avoidable by appropriate grading and consolidating of the aggregates. Also, minimum water-cement ratio should be taken up to steer clear of such voids.
  • It builds a strong surface.
  • Competent enough of hindering deterioration.
  • Though Concrete comes to the worksite in the shape of raw materials. Its ultimate strength and quality completely count on local circumstances and persons associated with it.


Concrete: The Most Useful Material In Construction

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