Bricky: An exceptional Construction Tool That Provides Elegant Look To Brick

Bricky, great construction equipment for bringing professional finish to brick has been developed by Noel Marshall, the professional tool evaluator. This tool is generally used to construct a wall within a frame or structure.

By the help of this construction tool, the builders can sustain an ideal standard in accordance with building regulation with firmness of walls. The availability of Bricky tool can be categorized in three various sizes, they are 100 mm, 140 mm and 215 mm.

The tool guarantees that a particularly regular bed of mortar is put between courses of bricks and blocks. It perfectly compatible with standard brick and block on-edge construction in both US and Metric (W x D x H) dimensions.


  • Place an exact mortar bed for both brick and block walls.
  • Without any disorder it positioned clean joints properly.
  • Efficiently form your own brick planters, raised vegetable gardens, boundary walls, home extensions and so on.
  • Deliver a supreme quality professional finish to your brick with raised flower bed, BBQ, fire pit, firewood storage unit, brick or block fence or entrance wall, mailbox base, fish pond or water feature, garage, workshop, home addition, porch, or entryway.



Bricky: An exceptional Construction Tool

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