Components That Are Used In Construction Schedule

Before the commencement of any kind of schedule, working methodology of the main trades of works need to be established. The work methodology shall consider the overall aspect of the project – the allocated time for the project, in house capacity of the contractor, the project financing, the availability of resources in the area, the constraints of the site, the availability of infrastructure (water, electricity and many others), the climatic condition of the area as well as others.

The work methodology needs to encompass major works of the project .All the parties involved on the project should make be part of the work methodology as it is a backbone for the overall success of the project. The consultant also needs to be aware of the approach and methodology of the contractor to the work and put his observation for the successful completion of the project.

A construction work schedule must be prepared before the commencement of any construction activity. The schedule must be realistic – should not be submitted for the mere purpose of fulfilling contractual requirements and be based on the approach and methodology .

Components of a Construction Schedule

Time Schedule – this shows the works to be done in time table.

Material Schedule – this shows the material requirement of the project.

Labour Schedule– Labour schedule in construction shows the labour requirement of the project.

Equipment Schedule– It states the machinery requirement of the construction.

Works Procurement schedule – the material purchase ( locally as well as abroad) of important items of the project.

The schedule can be prepared as master schedule at the commencement of the project and other derivatives in terms of time – Weekly – Monthly – Three Month as necessary must be produced by broading the ”cone of vision”. The schedules must not be static and should be revised for any irregularity.

The monitoring for labour scheduling should be stringent. Any deviation from the schedule should be sensed and a corrective action must be done to avoid unnecessary rushes at later time.

Time Schedule : The time schedule shall show when to start and finish an activity .Determination of the duration of the activity ( the time required to accomplish the activity) should be determined on assumptions based on the realistic grounds.

The assumptions taken during the determination of the time period for the activity must be narrated. This is quite crucial during the monitoring processes of the project. Most schedules do not have back narration to the assumptions and are based on personal judgments.

Let us see an example : Two day is set to cast the floor of a concrete – In time schedules one can see the ”start and finish of the activity”. The assumptions how the work can be executed should be mentioned as a background document.

Material Schedule: The type of material needed for the activity shall determind based on company previous experience or standard breakdown documents. This is very important as it is a basis for the purchase of materials. The material should be linked with the duration of the activity to know the material requirement of the site along the course of time. The actual execution should also be checked to serve as a proof to the validation of the assumptions for future projects. Labour and materials schedule template can help you in this.

Labour Schedule: The labour schedule should clearly show the labour requirement of the activity. It should clearly state the trade of labour as well. Skilled Labour is becoming one of the constraint in the construction industry and stringent schedule should avail for requiring appropriate personnel in time and train and acquaint with the company. Simply recruiting a labour from the market and sending him directly to the job would not make companies profitable. A worker should be trained to be well familiar with how activities in the site shall be done , safety rules and regulations , company rules and regulations , workers responsibilities and others.

Equipment Schedule: The equipment schedule should put the type of machinery needed for an activity as well as the duration.

Procurement Schedule: Material purchase is one of the vital components of the project management.

The procurement officer should be well aware ahead of the material requirement of the project. This will help the procurement officer to make decision how he will purchase the materials.

He will have sufficient time to identify potential supplier of the material considering quality cost and delivery time.

It will also help him to see the market globally. The schedule should identify the material specification, the quantity and delivery time of the material to the site according to the schedule.