Building Estimation & Costing – Fast Calculating Android App

Building Estimation and Costing is available in both as an Android application and as a website as well. This app offer two services, one is ‘Building Cost Estimator’ and the other one is ‘Vendor Billing Management’.

Building Estimation software is very essential for creating building estimates and helps to maintain a record of bills on Smartphone easily. It is recommended for those who are associated with building estimation and very handy for daily basis use.

This app work on the logic which solves the calculation of estimated cost of building with three select class types, they are Premium, Luxury and Budget.

Each and every end user of this app will be capable to operate the function of this app for calculating the aforesaid values instantly on the basis of the input. The values achieved are purely based on the input values fed by the end user.

This app will smoothen everyone’s work as it helps to get the values in no time.

New Features:
This nice and useful app for fast calculation has now the new bug fixing tool and its price has been modified recently.